Bigg Boss 18: Start Date, Contestant List, and Voting Details

The much-anticipated eighteenth season of “Bigg Boss,” India’s top reality TV spectacle, is set to premiere with a fresh batch of drama, excitement, and twists that promise to captivate audiences once again. Here’s everything you need to know about the start date, the contestant list, and how the voting process will work this season.

Start Date

Bigg Boss 18 Start Date is October 1, 2024, ready to light up your screens every night. The show will continue its tradition of premiering during the festive season, setting the stage for high drama and entertainment. As always, it will be broadcast on Colors TV, with episodes available for streaming on Voot, allowing fans to watch their favorite contestants anytime, anywhere.

Contestant List

While the official list of contestants is typically kept under wraps until the premiere episode, rumors and speculations are already buzzing with potential names that could be part of this season’s cast. This year, the mix is expected to include a blend of popular television actors, renowned models, and a few surprises from different entertainment sectors, including possibly a well-known social media influencer and a sports personality. The final list will be revealed during the grand launch episode, ensuring a suspense-filled start to the season.

Where To Watch Full Episodes Of Bigg Boss 18?

You can get full episodes of “Bigg Boss 18 Watch Online” on the following platforms:

1. Colors TV:

This is the official broadcast channel for “Bigg Boss.” If you prefer watching it on television, you can tune in to Colors TV as per the show’s schedule.

2. Voot:

Voot is the digital arm of Viacom18 and offers streaming of full episodes after they air on television. You can access Voot through its website or by downloading the Voot app on your smartphone or tablet. Voot often provides additional content such as uncut scenes and behind-the-scenes footage, making it a popular choice for die-hard fans.

3. JioCinema TV:

If you are a Jio subscriber, you can watch “Bigg Boss 18 JioCinema” live on your mobile device through the JioCinema TV app, which streams Colors TV live.

These platforms not only allow you to watch episodes live or on-demand but also participate in voting, access exclusive content, and keep up with all the latest developments in the “Bigg Boss” house.

Voting Process

The voting process for “Bigg Boss 18” remains crucial for deciding who stays in the house and who bids adieu. This season, voting will be accessible through multiple platforms:

1. Voot App:

Viewers can download the Voot app or visit the Voot website, where they can log in and vote for their favorite contestant. Each registered user can cast a specific number of votes per day, which will be reset at midnight.

2. MyJio App:

Users with Jio services can use the MyJio app to cast their votes. This has been a popular method in the past seasons due to its convenience for Jio subscribers.

3. SMS:

Although less common, some seasons have allowed voting via SMS. Whether this will be available for Bigg Boss 18″ will be confirmed in the episodes themselves.

Votes are tallied at the end of each voting cycle, and the contestant with the least public support is at risk of eviction. The show maintains transparency with its voting system, ensuring that the process is fair and reflective of the audience’s preferences.


1. When does “Bigg Boss 18” air?

“Bigg Boss 18” airs daily on Colors TV. The timing usually includes a prime-time slot for the main episodes and a late-night slot for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes hosted by the show’s host, typically during weekends where the host interacts with the housemates and reviews their week.

2. How can I watch “Bigg Boss 18” online?

You can watch full episodes of “Bigg Boss 18” online on Voot, either on the website or through the Voot app. This platform offers both live streaming and on-demand viewing after the episodes have aired on television.

3. How does the voting process work?

Viewers can vote for their favorite contestants to save them from eviction through the Voot app or website. Sometimes, SMS voting might also be available. Details are usually provided in the episodes concerning how to vote.

4. Can international viewers watch “Bigg Boss 18”?

Yes, international viewers can watch “Bigg Boss 18” through streaming services that carry Colors TV or through the Voot Select service, which offers international subscription options.

5. Are there any subscription fees involved?

Watching “Bigg Boss” on Colors TV does not require a subscription, but accessing it on Voot might. Voot offers both free and premium content; premium content (Voot Select) might require a subscription, which includes additional features like early access to episodes and ad-free viewing.

6. How long does each episode last?

Episodes during the week typically last about an hour, while ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes can be longer, sometimes up to two hours to accommodate the host’s interactions and special segments.

7. How many contestants are there in “Bigg Boss 18”?

The number of contestants varies each season, but generally, there are between 14 to 18 contestants at the start of the show. The exact number can fluctuate with mid-season entries and guest participants.

8. What kind of tasks are given to the contestants?

Tasks in “Bigg Boss” are designed to test the physical, mental, and emotional strength of the contestants. They range from individual to team tasks and can include anything from cooking challenges to physical endurance tests and puzzle-solving.

9. Is there a way to interact with the contestants of “Bigg Boss 18”?

While direct interaction during the show is not possible, fans can interact through official social media channels and sometimes through sponsored interactive segments on the Voot app.

10. What is the prize for winning “Bigg Boss 18”?

The prize for winning “Bigg Boss” varies each season but usually includes a hefty cash prize along with significant media exposure and potential future opportunities in entertainment.

These FAQs cover the basics of “Bigg Boss 18,” offering fans a handy guide to enjoying and participating in the latest season of this iconic reality show.


Bigg Boss 18″ promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, strategies, and alliances with its diverse cast and innovative game plans. As the countdown to the premiere begins, fans are eagerly waiting to see what new elements will be introduced this season. Whether you’re a longtime viewer or a newcomer to the series, this season of “Bigg Boss” is gearing up to be one of the most thrilling yet. Stay tuned, mark your calendars for October 1st, and get ready to participate actively through your votes!

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